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SRW offers a holistic range of nutraceuticals that support your health at a cellular level as you age. Cel123 supplement for your cellular health

SRW offers a holistic range of nutraceuticals that support your health at a cellular level as you age.


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Biotech New Zealand Member

Carbonclick is a New Zealand company making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change.

SRW contribution to Carbonclick offsets 7 Tonnes of carbon emissions per year. 

You also have the option to help offset emissions at the checkout.

GMP certified facilities

SRW nutraceuticals are produced in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities. 

GMP has been used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for over 50 years, with strict procedures ensuring all products have the correct identity, strength, purity and quality.

Made in New Zealand

SRW formulations are manufactured in New Zealand, and shared with the rest of the world. 

Our founder is a proud New Zealander, and the business operates out of an office in Auckland.

Biotech New Zealand

We are a proud member of Biotech New Zealand to ensure that we stay at the forefront of innovation in biotechnology. 


Our core values and beliefs closely align with Biotech New Zealand, to provide healthy, prosperous solutions driven by biotechnology.

CAP Accredited
Natural Health Products NZ
Fernmark License

CAP Accredited

Our DNAage test laboratory has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists' (CAP's) accreditation program.


The CAP laboratory accreditation program accredits the entire spectrum of laboratory test disciplines with the most scientifically rigorous customized checklist requirements.

Natural Health Products NZ

We are a proud member of Natural Health Products New Zealand - a national industry organisation representing natural products.

Our products are made using innovative production methods and pure ingredients sourced from the land, forest, and sea.


We are proud of our New Zealand roots, and we are proud to bear the FernMark accreditation as it signifies formal government recognition of our product's connection to New Zealand. 

All of our products are formulated, encapsulated and bottled in New Zealand.

Founder of SRW Greg
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