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VANZO Gift Box Set F

VANZO Gift Box Set F

Surprise your loved ones with Vanzo's car and home air fresheners ! We have picked the best sellers for you so your loved ones could enjoy them all. What is more than scents that lasts, just like your love for them. 


Vanzo Duo Series the perfect series for your home and car ~ 

Scent Description

Classic Blossom- The scent are made from a selection of carefully chosen blend of flowers to create a fragrance profile that is layered but refreshing, as though you are transported to the luxurious cosiness of a 5-star hotel.


**Comes with
✔ Double-sided adhesive tape
✔ Cotton sticks


What's included in this box?

2x 100ml 3355 Duo Series - Classic Blossom

1x 100ml 3355R Refill - Classic Blossom

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