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SRW Cel¹ and Cel² (Cellular System Rejuvenation Series)

SRW Cel¹ and Cel² (Cellular System Rejuvenation Series)

SRW Cellular System Rejuvenation Series (Cel¹ and Cel²) FREE *1 VTN Limited Edition Woven Tote Bag(while stocks lasts)

Take 2 capsules of Cel¹ and Cel² with meals after breakfast everyday (60 Capsules/bottle)

Cel¹ Stability
▪Keep cells healthy
▪Regulate DNA repair
▪Retain youth from the Root
▪Provide protections to Cells and DNA from Free Radical Damage
▪Smooth and brighten skin

Cel² Nourishment
▪Clear harmful substances from mitochondria
▪Protect mitochondrial double membranes
▪Strengthen mitochondria to improve energy
▪Maintain stem cell energy
▪Relieve stress and promote clear thinking


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  • Cel1 Ingredients

    2-HOBA (Hobamine ™) is a compound found in Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat It supports your DNA and other key cellular components from the effects of free radicals.

    Astragaloside is a compound found in Astragalus that is known to support the telomeres in our DNA, as well as supporting healthy cells and your immune system.

    Rutin is a flavonoid lantioxidant, When taken in conjunction with vitamin C it has been shown to support healthy DNA.


    Cel2 Ingredients

    Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is an emerging ingredient which is a direct precursor to NAD+. It supports NAD+ formation, which is a co-factor in energy production and cellular repair processes. NMN is found in small amounts in various foods including cow's milk. NMN supports healthy cell metabolism and energy levels

    Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid antioxidant from red algae that supports important cellular membranes, including those in and around your mitochondria, your nucleus and surrounding your cells.

    Pterostilbene is a similar molecule to resveratrol but with significantly higher bioavailability. Taken in conjunction with NMN, pterostilbene delivers a synergistic effect that supports healthy cellular repair and energy generation processes, stem cell health and intercellular communication.

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