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Package SS- Koala Diffuser + 2* Essential Oils

Package SS- Koala Diffuser + 2* Essential Oils

Needed a cuter and stronger diffuser in your big living room space along with Vanzo's hotel inspired essential oils ? This package is all you'll ever wish for !


Koala Diffuser 

Cute as a button, the doTERRA Koala Diffuser is the ideal way to share your favourite essential oils with the entire family and makes the perfect addition to your space. Featuring 2, 4 or 8 hours of misting, together with 4 peaceful music settings and two ambient light options, you’ll fall in love with Australia’s favourite cuddly animal all over again.



  • water capacity 90mL
  • power source DC5V 5W
  • dimensions: 125.5x162x182mm
  • includes wall plug and micro USB cable
  • volume control and pause playback
  • music options: piano lullaby, real natural bush, meditation, and birds at sunrise
  • continuous mist: up to 4 hours or intermittent mist: up to 8 hours
  • ambient light options (dim and bright warm or none)
  • set timer for up to 2hr/4hr/8hr
  • suggested room size 25m2
  • automatic safety shut-off


Vanzo Essential Oil Series, experience the ambience of luxe hotels in 1 second !

Hotel-Inspired Series

Essential Oil Blend- V-Suite (Signature)

Essential Oil Blend- Dreamy Land


Nature-Inspired Series

Essential Oil Blend- Dawn Forest

Essential Oil- Lavender


Volume: 10ml x1Product weight: 39g/bottle

    179,00AU$ Precio
    169,00AU$Precio de oferta
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