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Minenssey Australia Vegan Collagen Clay Mask, free 4 pcs set and a brush

Minenssey Skin Revival Plus Vegan Collagen Clay Mask Set 9ml*12 capsules

Everybody loves a good come back story. That's precisely what these elevated masking essentials offer, they work in four stages to boost your skin's natural renewal cycle, bringing your tired, lacklustre complexion back to life ! 


Why Minenssey's Skin Revival Plus Vegan Collagen Clay Mask ?

The Skin Revival Plus Vegan Collagen Mask Set effectively rejuvenates, lifts, and firms the skin. It includes a plant-based, award-winning, next generation collagen called recombinant collagen, which has a 94.8% biosimilar molecular structure to human collagen.


Combined with rare Australian plant extracts: flannel flower, snow flower, Tasmanian pepperberry, and more, working together to combat aging, achieving better, smoother and glowy skin.


Comes with a free 4 pcs clay mask set & a face brush *while stocks lasts*

  • Use three masks at each stage of treatment over in a 28-day cycle to take your skin revival journey to the next level.

    The Purifying Stage, the energising stage, the calming stage, and the restoring stage.

    Please refer to the back packaging of the box to understand the stages and benefits

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