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Camisola de encaje platino Negro

Camisola de encaje platino Negro

KISSY RUWEN Platinum Lace Camisole Black can be the perfect match one off top with any of your outfit ! This beautiful and elegant body wear material uses Italy 120 Cotton Modal + Multifunctional nylon fibre along with breathable coaster paddings.


Soft, delicate weaving thread allows you to feel the tailor made body feel. With its fine lace design, you can wear as a top or with any other outfits ! 

  • Beautiful high end lace design
  • Made of Italy Cotton Modal
  • 360 air-vent coaster paddings
  • Adjustable sling straps


Suitable for all skin types, including pregnant women.


*Note that this series is like a bra camisole/shirt, cutting will be slightly bigger than bra sizing, please choose one size down from your bra size for the perfect fit !


What's Included ?

1x Platinum Lace Camisole Black (top)

1x Seamless Underwear

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